This quality racking is fully compatible with Dexion and complies with and exceeds the new Australian Standard for Pallet Racking (AS4084-2012)
Our AS4084-2012 accreditation is fully legitimate and NOT from third party overseas suppliers. The full compliance and testing reports are all available in our company name 'Wholesale Racking Australia Pty Ltd' and can be viewed on request.
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Our pallet racking frames are all made from solid SS400 grade steel, powdercoated blue. All are 838mm in depth, and come complete with nuts, bolts, bracing and footplates. Available in the following sizes:
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Our beams are made fully from SS400 grade steel, powdercoated orange.
The different beam sizes are described with two dimensions: the first refers to the shelf length, and the second refers to the box height of the beam.
Each beam size will have a different shelf load capacity, which has been measured with the load uniformly distrubuted across the shelf (UDL).
We sell the following sizes:

Beam Size UDL Shelf Weight Capacity
 1372 x 80mm  2850kg
 1829 x 80mm  2375kg
 2591 x 80mm  1275kg
 2591 x 100mm  2400kg
 2591 x 120mm  3125kg
 2743 x 80mm  1150kg
 2743 x 100mm  2175kg
 2743 x 120mm  2850kg
 3048 x 120mm  2375kg
 3658 x 140mm  2125kg
 3810 x 140mm  1975kg
 4200 x 140mm  1700kg

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We have a range of pallet racking accessories: Upright barriers, Collumn protectors, shelves and much more. Click here to explore our range.



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