Cantilever Racking is perfect for storing long and bulky items, such as metal pipes, PVC pipes, timber etc. The arm locations can be easily adjusted to suit your specific requirements. So no matter how large, small, long or short your storage problems are - Cantilever Racking will provide you with the most economical and practical solution.
We have a wide range of Cantilever Racking, and it's separated into two main groups: Heavy Duty and Standard.



Heavy Duty Cantilever was designed for storing extremely heavy loads (up to 1500kg per arm!) along with allowing the construction of very large units: bays of up to 1200mm in depth, and up to 5800mm in height.



Standard Cantilever is a great and versatile system. It meets and excceds the capabilities that most require in a cantilever unit. This racking can be built into bays up to 900mm in depth, and 4500mm in height.


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